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Choosing the Right Air Conditioning Unit for Your Home

There are several factors that you should consider before purchasing an air conditioner for your home or business. Because this purchase is such a large investment, it is one that should be thoroughly evaluated before making a purchase. Once you have decided on the unit that is right for you, contact AC Logic, Ltd. for quick and easy installation. You can also contract with us for the continued care, maintenance, and repair of your unit.

The Function of Your Unit

Are you focused solely on cooling your environment, or would you also like to improve the quality of your air? This will affect the price that you pay, as well as how your unit functions. It will also affect the frequency that you should contact our company for routine maintenance.

Size of the Environment Where it Will Operate

The size of your air conditioning unit will be directly affected by the area you are trying to keep cool. Make sure that you know the measurements of the room or building you are trying to cool before shopping around. The majority of units will let you know how effectively they work within a certain square foot area.

Cleanliness of the Environment

If you are looking for an air conditioning unit that cleans, as well as cools, then the cleanliness of the area you are operating it in will be an important factor. If you have a dirtier area, then you may want to purchase a larger unit for more efficient operation.

After you have decided on a unit, contact us for installation. We will also be able to make regular maintenance visits and, if necessary, repairs. Look no further than AC Logic, Ltd. to ensure the long-lasting health of your AC unit.

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Address Your Short- and Long-Term Air Conditioning Needs

Are you currently looking for Air Conditioning maintenance or services related to other major air conditioner brands? Be careful in making your choice because most service providers offer poorly managed services at extremely high prices. And with winter setting in and Christmas around the corner, it is more necessary than ever to get your air conditioning system checked. Otherwise, major issues such as carbon monoxide poisoning may arise, as well. We, at AC Logic, are a company that has won the trust of several customers in Surrey, Berkshire and Hampshire with our fantastic service. We provide an array of services including Air Conditioning maintenance and R22 replacement.

Replacements for All Major Brands

The ban on all recycled and reclaimed R22 will take effect on 31st December, 2014. This means that any companies still using air conditioning systems that operate on R22 after this date will be heavily penalized. Our company provides R22 replacement services for all leading air conditioning brands. Remember that the prices for replacement will suddenly rise manyfold at the start of 2015. So make sure you contact us right now!

Think Beyond Short-Term Needs

AC Logic is well regarded for our consistency in providing good services. Our main objective is to cut costs for customers in the long run by offering efficient service solutions. We offer customers an array of flexible service packages to choose from, depending on their requirements. This ensures that customers face minimal issues in the long-run and save more on energy and maintenance services.

Your Convenience First

You can schedule maintenance visits as per your convenience to avoid any disruption in work. We even provide services on weekends when the employee traffic in offices is usually low. So if you’re looking for the perfect balance between technical expertise, reasonable costs and convenience, you know where to look!

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Make a LOGICAL Choice

Air Conditioning units provide you utter comfort in the harshest of weather conditions. However, with Christmas around the corner, it is highly recommended that you get in touch with a top HVAC Surrey service provider as soon as possible. Winter can cause considerable damage to your systems, which may cause many unexpected results, including complete failure, minor malfunctions, fires and even carbon monoxide poisoning. Thus, it is important that the service providers you choose are absolute experts and offer reasonable packages. AC Logic is one such company. Our services are available across Surrey, Berkshire and Hampshire. But what exactly makes our services stand out?

Flexible Packages

Unlike other service providers who will only offer you a single package, whether it suits your needs or not, our company lets you choose from a variety of options. You can choose our one visit per annum package if you rarely use you air conditioning system, or you can graduate to the two visits per annum package if your system is randomly operated in winter and summer. However, if your system is operated 24X7, 365 years a day or operated during work hours in a dirty environment, you may consider going with the four visits per annum package.

Holistic Service

The services provided by us are aimed at long-term efficiency and cost saving. HVAC systems are rather easily blocked and can cause considerable trouble if not regularly checked. AC Logic makes sure that each visit we make results in smooth operations for extended periods of time. We make sure to work in time slots that do not hamper your work and are adept at completing our work swiftly and efficiently.

Contact us today, and rest assured that you will find no better HVAC Surrey service company.

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The Importance of Regular Maintenance for Your Air Conditioner

There are very few things that are as nice as being able to come out of the sweltering heat to a comfortable and cool home. However, your air conditioner is not something you likely think of very often – until it decides to stop working when it is 90 degrees outside.

While you may not realize it, your air conditioner will lose about five percent of its total efficiency each year that it is in operation. As time passes, the components can become weaker and break down, and if you do not invest in regular air conditioning maintenance, you will likely have to pay much more for repairs or even face total replacement.

When you provide your unit with a bit of TLC several times a year from AC Logic, it can help you save both time and money and avoid serious issues.

Save on Electric Costs

During the hottest part of the summer, there is no doubt that electric bills can increase by a significant amount. However, if you do not maintain your AC properly, it can eat up even more power and money. If you had invested in maintenance or R22 replacement, you will be able to save a significant amount of money each year.

Save on AC Repairs

The bottom line is that it will cost you much more to repair something than it does for regular air conditioning maintenance. At some point or another, the neglect will catch up with you and it is when the temperatures have reached the high numbers that the unit is most likely to break down. With regular maintenance of the unit, you can reduce the chances that it will break down without warning.

Any quality HVAC service, such as AC Logic, will ensure that the unit is checked thoroughly. Qualified professionals will check for signs of leaks, whether or not you need R22 replacement and replace filters when necessary. While these things may seem unimportant, the fact is that a dirty filter or a pinpoint size leak can cause serious damage.

When you are aware of the importance of AC maintenance, you will likely take the time to ensure that these checkups are carried out. Maintaining your unit will extend its life and ensure that it runs more efficiently, helping you to save money on your electric bill month after month – even when the temperatures reach record highs. This will give you peace of mind that you always have a cool and comfortable retreat to come home to.

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Signs You Need to Call for Air Conditioning Service

Your air conditioning is likely one of the most relied upon pieces of equipment in your entire home. As the temperature goes up outdoors, you stay cool by turning down your thermostat. Chances are you simply expect this to work and when it doesn’t, you panic. However, there is no need to stress out; all you have to do is call on AC Logic, an air conditioning Guildford service, for help. Knowing the warning signs of a potential issue will also keep you from burning up while you wait for repairs or for the repair service to show up at your home.

No Cool Air

If you notice that your air conditioning system is not getting your home as cool as it used to, then it is likely time that you call the technicians from an AC repair service. This is not an issue that will be able to fix itself and may be the symptom of a more serious underlying issue. For example, it could mean that you have a faulty compressor or that your thermostat is bad. The professionals will be able to evaluate the problem and come up with a solution in a quick and efficient manner.

Water Leaking from the AC Unit

If you begin to notice that the AC system in your home is leaking, then you need to call for service right away. This is not only a sign that your system is not working properly, but the leaking water may also cause damage inside your home. While your AC unit is going to naturally create some condensation, it should drip into a pan and then drain away. However, if the pan becomes clogged or if there is a clog in the actual drain line, then this can cause an overflow of the condensation. The cause of the leak can be located by AC Logic technicians, repaired and then your unit can return to optimum performance quickly.

Strange Noises Coming from the Air Conditioner

Another common sign that you may be in need of professional air conditioner repair is if you begin to notice a new, strange or unusual noise. For example, if you turn the unit on and it sounds as though it is gurgling, hissing or squealing, then you need to call the repair service as soon as you can.

The bottom line is that you should not wait to get service for your AC system whenever it seems something is wrong. This will only allow the problem to become worse and likely much more expensive to have repaired. It is a good idea to call on the services of a reputable AC company when you need any type of maintenance, service or repairs for your unit.

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The Use of Thermal Imaging for HVAC Assessments

Thermal imaging, also known as thermography or thermo video, is a technology that senses differences in temperatures that are otherwise undetectable by human beings. While air is invisible to the human eye, the heating or cooling effect it has on the materials it comes in contact with leaves a heat signature that can be detected and visualised using infrared equipment, specifically the thermal imaging camera.

Thermal Imaging Offers One of the Best Tools for Predicting Possible Or Future, Failures of Your Air Conditioning Equipment

The thermal imaging camera is the primary tool for thermal imaging. These cameras operate similarly to conventional camcorders and actually look the same. They are extensively used in air conditioning repairs Surrey assessments, air conditioning maintenance, surveillance, security, navigation and medicine.

How Thermal Imaging for Air Assessments Work

Thermal imaging is used in many facets of building audits and diagnostics, including air conditioning repairs Surrey projects and indoor air quality assessments. Thermal infrared cameras work by giving a visual representation of infrared energy emitted by objects. They use detector and lens combinations that let you see heat and how it’s distributed on HVAC equipment. By evaluating the thermal images produced by these cameras, air conditioning maintenance experts are able to tell where repairs are needed.

The applications of this technology in air conditioning and plumbing issues as well as energy audits have made it an indispensable tool in the business of HVAC repair and maintenance. This technology is also used to detect problems that may lead to mould growth and affect indoor air quality.

AC LOGIC Offers Expert Thermal Imaging in Surrey

As the leading air conditioning repairs Surrey provider, AC LOGIC offers top quality thermal imaging services as well as indoor air quality solutions, air conditioning energy assessments and all HVAC services, including design, equipment installation, inspections, responsive service call outs and regular planned air conditioning maintenance.

Often air conditioning ducts are located in concealed spaces where they cannot be seen, such as drop ceiling cavities. If air leaks occur above drop ceilings, they will chill the drywall in the vicinity of the leak; this problem can be easily detected using thermal imaging. The ceiling can be removed for air conditioning repairs Surrey project only in the areas where leaks are detected rather than carrying out a demolition in order to inspect the entire system.

AC LOGIC provides highly qualified thermographers with the latest, state-of-the-art, and high-resolution thermal imaging cameras to identify AC problems or possible failures. By using this method, the company can help prevent costly repairs and potential equipment downtime in your facility.

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Importance of Air Conditioning Energy Assessments

According to statistics, air conditioning systems were estimated to account for more than 11 percent of the total electricity consumed annually in Europe. It’s therefore easy to understand why HVAC systems are a key contributor toward energy savings in buildings.

Air Conditioning Energy Assessments in Surrey

By being responsible for your company’s air conditioning system, you’ll no doubt totally appreciate how important it is that this system is regularly maintained to maximise efficiency and reduce energy bills. It is also equally vital that you obtain an air conditioning energy assessment for your system in order to ensure that you’re in compliance with both U.K. and EU legislations and can avoid paying hefty penalties for noncompliance.

Assessment of the Energy Performance of an Air Conditioning Surrey System

Air conditioning energy assessments are carried out in order to monitor the efficiency of HVAC systems and to provide property managers with realistic and proactive advice on how to boost their effectiveness and minimise energy consumption. During the assessment, the inspector will assess a system’s effectiveness, ventilation efficiency and controls.

The effectiveness of air delivery can play a big part in determining the overall efficiency of an air conditioning system. To ensure that the filters and heat exchangers have no blockage or damage, which could make a system operate for longer periods than necessary, the inspector will examine the condition of these air delivery systems and also check the fan type and method of control that’s used in the system.

The assessor will also check grills, screens or pre-filters for damage or blockage, which could cause the system to under-perform in different ways due to reduced airflow rates. Incorrect control settings and poorly located sensors in the building could also lead to inefficiencies, ineffectiveness or misuse of the AC system in use on the property. To ensure that the system is being controlled properly, the assessor will check the control settings, including time switches and thermostats. After the assessment, the inspector will advise the property management on these issues and the overall energy performance of the building.

AC LOGIC Offers Air Conditioning Energy Assessments and Other HVAC Services

If you are searching for a best practice air conditioning Surrey company to undertake your assessment, then don’t hesitate to contact AC LOGIC, a leading specialist in air conditioning energy assessments and inspection, which reports for companies in Surrey, Woking, Guilford, Hampshire and Berkshire. The company offers all types of HVAC services, including air conditioning energy assessments, thermal imaging, indoor air quality solutions, repair, maintenance programmes and installation of leading brands.

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R22 Replacement – R22 Phase out – The Facts

R22 – The facts

What is R22?
• R22 is the refrigerant gas found in the majority of air conditioning equipment over 10 years old
• R22 is a hydrochloroflourocarbon (hcfc) which can potentially cause ozone depletion if leaked into the atmosphere
• in 2003 R22 was banned from use in newly manufactured air conditioning systems

from 1st January 2015 R22 will be banned from use altogether!

How does this affect you?
From 1st January 2015 it will be illegal to use R22 to service ac equipment and recycled or reclaimed HCFCs may no longer be used. this means that it is permissible to continue using equipment that contains HCFCs beyond the phase-out dates, but there must be no maintenance or servicing undertaken on the equipment that involves breaking into the refrigerant circuits.
an estimated 750,000 units which run on R22 are still in use today. if you s have an air conditioning system which relies on R22 and it fails, it is essential that you have a plan in place to phase out the use of the gas by the end of 2014.
R22 – next steps

AC Logic can help you plan to cost-effectively replace existing R22 equipment. Our experts will take all factors into consideration to advise you on your best course of action.

Time is running out, don’t delay!
call us on 0844 8248 606 to find out how we can help.

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The Efficient Services of AC Logic

When it comes to air conditioning, the factor that is of greatest importance is how efficiently it preforms. Efficiency not only keeps you as comfortable as possible, it also helps you to save money; both of these things are important. However, the problem that typically arises is the cost of the system itself. That is why AC Logic is the logic choice.

This company is one of the United Kingdom’s most highly used and respected because of the top quality it offers all of its customers, as well as the cost effective pricing that it strives to provide customers.

Top Quality

One of the things that sets AC Logic apart from other air conditioning companies is that it puts quality first. This goes for its products, services, customer service and every other aspect of the air conditioning business. The first thing that customers notice is the excellent customer service when they call to receive information. The first contact a person has with any company is important because that is the company’s first impression; and you don’t get a second chance at a first impression.

The staff at AC Logic understands this and therefore makes sure that only the friendliest, most competent people man the phone lines, ready to help each and every person who calls. From the customer service to the end product being installed, the quality is ever present.

Cost Competitive

As can be seen on the company website, this company offers an excellent price range. The owners know that the air conditioning business is one with a lot of competition, so AC Logic does its best at offering the most competitive prices in order to give the people of the U.K. the best possible deals. The company provides help with cutting the cost of energy and offers top quality maintenance plans.

Customers in the market for quality air conditioning services have an extreme appreciation for things such as this and it shows in AC Logic’s volume of business and excellent customer reviews. All you need do is pay a visit to the company website in order to see that the information provided here is the truth. For anyone that is in need of services for air conditioning, shopping around is always a smart idea. However, the chances are very good that after a search, you will choose AC Logic.

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AC Logic – The Most Efficient Option Available

The comfort of cool air conditioning can sometimes be offset by the price tag associated with it. Without efficient installation and regular maintenance, air conditioning units will go from being a modern luxury to a financial burden. Fortunately, proper care and maintenance of air conditioning units can go a long way. When you are looking for an air conditioning London company, look no further than AC Logic.

Whether you are looking for someone to quickly come out and repair your air conditioning unit, or just to schedule regular maintenance, the experts at AC Logic can help resolve your problem. If that’s not enough, the company can even send someone out to give clients an energy assessment and help you save the most money on your energy bill. The best part is that it offers these services in London, Kingston and Berkshire. Those looking to get more information on this air conditioning London company can visit theAC Logic website, but here is a major breakdown of the important facts.

Quality First

Business owners of today seem to have difficulty grasping that quality is not something to cut corners on. When looking for an air conditioning Londoncompany, sometimes this becomes very apparent with the people you speak to. Much of the time, you can tell a company’s quality by simply talking to a staff member of that company. In the case of AC Logic, you will be greeted by air conditioning Kingston professionals that clearly put the customer first.

This quality of work is shown in everything that AC Logic offers, from air quality monitoring to HVAC maintenance. Whether it is a new installation or just scheduled service maintenance, these air conditioning Kingston professionals will offer only the highest quality services around.

Competitive Pricing

With AC Logic, buyers not only get the highest quality service, but they get it at the most competitive prices. Other air conditioning Berkshire companies will often charge much higher rates, and those that do have a similar price range tend to offer less in the quality department. Additionally, out of air conditioning Berkshire services, AC Logic is one of the few that will actually work with you to help cut those energy costs. If this isn’t enough, keep in mind that when AC Logic suggests a maintenance plan, it suggests it based on your needs, not on high prices.

This is probably why people who need air conditioning work in London, Berkshire or Kingston, put AC Logic at the top of their list.

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