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COVID19 Servicing

We are now cleaning filters and coils with Disinfectant/Biocide and recommending doubling visits for the next 12 months. We have guidance information for your HVAC systems. Please contact us for expert help with COVID19 servicing and receive a free HVAC guidance document.

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Four Signs You May Need Air Conditioning Maintenance

Your air conditioning unit is not only responsible for keeping you cool during those warm, balmy summer months. It can also have a huge effect on your indoor air quality. At AC Logic, we have received numerous calls from clients related to air conditioning maintenance. To help you determine if your AC unit needs servicing, these are the four signs you should look out for:

Odd Sounds

The first sign business and homeowners notice that indicates their AC may be in need of some air conditioning maintenance are the strange sounds that their unit is making. Your AC unit is made up of numerous inter-related mechanical components. When they become noisy, there’s a problem. Call a professional like us at AC Logic if your air conditioning is:

  • Banging
  • Clanking
  • Groaning
  • Squeaking

Bad Smells

If you have bad smells in the home, pay attention to when and make note. Should every time your AC unit turns on your home is left smelling bad, you’re in need of air conditioning maintenance. This can be the result of your unit’s air filtration system, your condensate drain, or you may need a new unit.

Poorly Distributed Cooling

Uneven cooling is a sure sign that your unit requires air conditioning maintenance. A well performing and healthy unit is able to deliver a consistent stream of cool air throughout the entire home or office. If some of your indoor areas are warmer or noticeably cooler than others, it’s likely that your unit requires some professional TLC.

Continuously Running

A properly operating AC unit should never run continuously. The AC units that we and other specialists install are designed to turn on and off at intervals throughout the day, many of which the homeowner or office manager can program themselves. If you are finding that your unit does not turn off and continues to run, we recommend calling the pros. Not only can a continuously running unit make the home or office unbearably cold, but it also increases your utility costs.

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Top Four Questions about a R22 Replacement

Since the January 1st, 2015, ban on aged R22 air conditioning equipment, we at AC Logic have received numerous phone calls about an R22 replacement. We have answered some of the top questions that we have received about replacing R22 units below, starting with if it is even necessary in the first place:

1. Are All R22 Units “Banned” in The UK?

Yes. Prior to the ban at the start of 2015, units could be topped up with R22. As of now, all air conditioning units cannot be topped up with R22. This includes recycled, reclaimed or virgin units.

Undergoing an R22 replacement may be beneficial for reasons other than lawfully following the EU-wide ban. As these systems typically pre-date 2004, they are using old technology. The air conditioning and heating units of today are far more sophisticated and energy efficient, saving our customers on their utility bills.

2. Why Is R22 Banned?

Being an ozone-depleting refrigerant gas, R22 is a hazard to our environment.

3. How May R22 Units Are in the UK?

It’s been estimated that there were approximately half a million air conditioning units operating on R22 refrigerant within the UK prior to the ban.

4. What Are My R22 Replacement Options?

Our customers at AC Logic typically have two options:
a) They can choose to completely replace their AC unit; or
b) They can choose to use an alternative and more environmentally friendly refrigerant to top them up.

Which option you choose will come down to what shape your current equipment is in. If it is ageing, leaking, and wasting pounds in utility costs, replacing makes the most sense. Another factor that we and our customers must take into consideration is the availability of modern refrigerants and how efficient they are with your existing unit.

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The Importance of Regular Air Conditioning Maintenance

If you don’t want your air conditioner to stop suddenly working one day, it is important that you go for regular maintenance. Maintaining your air conditioner is vital for a longer lifespan. So many people put off maintenance work on their air conditioners. During the winters, the air conditioner remains idle for a few months.

Then, as summer approaches, people start using their conditioners throughout the day and night. Before putting the conditioner through its paces, you should call a professional air conditioning maintenance service. We can help determine whether your conditioner requires some new parts or whether the coils have run their course. In most cases, the internal damage does not become apparent so easily. At AC Logic, we take air conditioning maintenance very seriously. Here’s why it is so important:

Know What Can Go Wrong Before It Actually Does

You don’t want your air conditioner to break down one day without any reason. But unless you maintain it properly, the chances of sudden breakdowns are very high. There are many things that can go wrong in an air conditioner. From malfunctioning coils to gas leakage, anything could get damaged. Regular maintenance gives you an idea of what can go wrong. We can tell you that the coils are functioning, and repair them before the damage worsens. This will help you save a lot of money since the damage would not be widespread.


You want your air conditioner to perform at the highest levels of efficiency. Over time, efficiency levels tend to drop. Within a few years only, your air conditioner could be 30% less efficient! With AC Logic’s top notch air conditioning maintenance services, you can reduce the drop in efficiency levels to as little as 5%. This will help you save a fair amount on utility bills too

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Buying an Air Conditioning Unit for Your Home

Buying an air conditioning air conditioning unit can be quite daunting, unless you know what you are doing. There are many things to plan for. For starters, you will need to hire a professional installation guy to install the AC in your home. Then, the conditioner will require regular maintenance in order to keep functioning smoothly.

If you have read anything about air conditioners on the internet, you’ll know that they come in all shapes and sizes. From portable, small sized room coolers to standing air conditioners that can cool spacious auditoriums, there’s a wealth of choices available to you. However, you should not purchase the largest model that you can afford. Here’s a brief guide to making the right purchase:

Hire an Expert

Over the years that we have worked in the air conditioning industry, the one thing that has become apparent to us is the fact that too many people look for conditioners that they don’t require. For instance, a small-sized air conditioner is more than adequate for a smaller room.

At AC Logic, we provide detailed guidance. We can provide detailed installation advice and can even install the conditioner in your home or office. We also offer highly efficient air conditioning equipment and maintenance services that will help you reduce your bills significantly.


It is important for you to maintain your air conditioner as best as you can. At least once a year, you will have to call in an expert to run a thorough check-up. AC Logic offers complete maintenance and repair services for air conditioners. If you feel that your conditioner is not working smoothly, we can help you determine why. AC Logic offers some of the lowest prices throughout the UK.

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R22 Replacement: A New Era in Air Conditioning Systems

On 31st December, 2014, the R22 air conditioning system was phased out in order to give way for improvements to HVAC systems. However, it is not surprising that there are still many people who have yet to initiate R22 replacement strategies in their homes and offices.

Why You Need to Replace Your System

The R22 systems are expensive to run, bad for the environment, and parts will shortly become impossible to find. We will design a suitable solution for you to save costs and take advantage of new and advanced technology as it becomes available. Products get better every year, and AC Logic is at the forefront of installing systems that will deliver years of trouble-free service to you.

AC Logic’s R22 Replacement Strategies

We have some very effective strategies in place to help you speed up the process of replacing your R22 air conditioning system, and we are happy to make recommendations for your particular circumstances. We are able to re-use some of your existing pipe work so that the overall cost of replacement will be decreased. Our technology will replace any current systems without the typical hassles and problems you may find with our competitors. Our team of expert technicians are speedy, professional, and friendly. We offer a customized replacement service tailored around your request, time availability, and budget.
It is important that you replace your R22 system now to save you from potential impending prosecution or fines in case the UK government chooses to use forceful measures to implement its call for R22 replacement all across the country.

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Installing Superior Office Air Conditioning

At AC Logic, our knowledgeable experts are well versed in the different aspects of air conditioning. We have served happy customers for more than thirty years; helping them to design, install, and service their office air conditioning.

What System Will Work for Me?

A great number of businesses are installing air conditioning to control the air temperature within their walls. Some units are small individual sets, while others are immense centralized systems. Whichever size or brand you are having us install in your office, they all have the same purpose—to control air quality and keep the temperature comfortable.
New systems are manufactured yearly by industry leaders such as Daikin, Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, Hitachi, and Panasonic. We only use the best of the best – that is one of the promises we make to our clients. Many of these advanced systems are excellent at saving energy, reducing the amount of CO2 released into the air, and cutting back on the air pressure, humidity, heat, and odour. We will design a customized system solution for your office that takes into consideration the factors you feel are most important. Once our team has examined your building thoroughly, we will make recommendations based on our many years of experience.

Our Priceless Services

AC Logic has been active in installing office air conditioning all over the London area. In addition to installation, we also offer planned preventative and reactive maintenance. We can help you put in place an air quality management system and conduct office comfort level testing to ensure that the air in your office is the best it can be. Our experts are friendly, fast, and considerate. They are thoroughly trained in all areas of air conditioning, and they deliver reliable service with no hassles. As new types of office air conditioning emerge and become available, we have a plan in place to ensure our experts remain up-to-date on all new models.

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We Provide Air Conditioning Maintenance That Is Tailored to Your Cooling Needs

We feel, at AC Logic, that no other company can surpass our business with respect air conditioning maintenance checks and servicing. That is because we offer a totally customised approach in making sure that your AC is operating at optimum efficiency. For example, we can schedule from one visit per annum up to weekly maintenance visits to ensure that your equipment—whether older or newer, is utilising energy with cost-efficiency in mind.

Keep Your AC from Breaking Down and Energy Costs Low

Because HVAC systems account for the majority of a building’s costs for energy, checking the HVAC and performing a regular air conditioning maintenance check is essential in this day and age. Air conditioners that do not run well risk breakdown more often simply because they are not regularly serviced and maintained.

Get into the Habit of Keeping Your AC in Running Order

That is why the filter needs to be routinely replaced. The accumulation of dust and debris makes an AC unit much more difficult to operate. Both dust and dirt cause an HVAC system to run harder. When the system runs harder, it is your clue that you need to secure the services of an air conditioning maintenance company like ours to service and check your AC for any needed repairs.

When to Schedule Maintenance

Procrastination will only delay the inevitable – a major breakdown of your AC, which is one repair that can cost you if regular maintenance is not scheduled. If you only operate your AC briefly in the summer or winter months, then you only need to schedule service once a year. For ACs that operate randomly in a clean environment, or during summer and winter, schedule maintenance twice year. Three yearly visits are necessary if the AC is run in a clean environment throughout the year.

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An R22 Replacement Is Available Through Our Company

Not only do we at AC Logic offer professional and friendly air conditioning and maintenance services, we are also doing our part in helping consumers and the government phase out air conditioners that feature the refrigerant R22. Therefore, an R22 replacement can be made through our company, which is good news as we specialise

In replacing and installing all brands of HVAC equipment, including Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, Daikin, Toshiba, LG, Trane, Carrier and York.

Replace your R22 HVAC System Now

We know that an R22 replacement is necessary as the costs of supplying energy are continuing to rise, which means that older HVAC systems are also consuming a substantial amount of energy (as much as 50%) and producing more carbon emissions. We can replace any air conditioning system, regardless of make or model that uses an R22 refrigerant in order to operate.

It Is Time to Make a Switch

R22 replacement involves replacing air conditioning systems that use the R22 refrigerant with new air conditioning system models and brands. In fact, some manufacturers are not even selling spare part for R22 systems. Therefore, you need to contact an HVAC technician at our company to make the replacement now or the very near future. Once we replace the system, we can regularly service your new HVAC system as well.

Replace Your R22 System Now, Not Later

We encourage you not to be one of the last companies or homeowners to remove your R22 system. The sooner you take care of the replacement, the sooner you will be able to start saving money on your utility usage. Our air conditioning systems, when installed, will automatically help you save money on operational costs. Plus, we can schedule maintenance as well, depending on the energy used and the type of system. We offer maintenance programs that suit the preferences and lifestyle of each individual customer.

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Recommended Maintenance for Air Conditioning Units

Air conditioning units are frequently used in homes and businesses to cool or dry the air. Whether you have a simple unit or an HVAC unit that cleans the air, it is important to have regular air conditioning maintenance. At AC Logic Ltd. We recognise the importance of regular maintenance to the clarity of air in your home. Depending on the frequency of use, we will be able to suggest the regular maintenance plan that is right for you.

If you operate your unit for short periods during the winter or summer season, then only one annual visit is recommended. If your unit is operating for random periods in the winter and the summer you should have two maintenance visits each year. If your unit operates in a clean environment for approximately 8-10 hours each day year-round, then three visits are recommended. Finally, if you use your unit around the clock in a clean environment, or if you operate it 8-10 hours in a dirty environment, then it is recommended that you have four maintenance visits each year.

Routine Maintenance

During a routine visit, one of our professionals will inspect your unit for malfunctioning parts. They will also test the quality of the air in the area where the unit is most often operated and the quality of the air coming from the unit. If necessary, they will make repairs to your unit.

The Importance of Regular Air Conditioning Maintenance

When you have regular air conditioning unit maintenance you are ensuring the quality of the air that you breathe. Overtime, AC units can become dirty. Their separate parts may also experience wear and tear. If your unit is not functioning properly it can leave you breathing in harmful particles of dust and debris.
This is the reason that regular maintenance is important. When you contract with us we ensure that your unit is serviced as often as recommended. Whether you need a one-time maintenance visit or a long-term visit, the professionals at AC Logic LTD are here to serve you.

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