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R22 Replacement: A New Era in Air Conditioning Systems

On 31st December, 2014, the R22 air conditioning system was phased out in order to give way for improvements to HVAC systems. However, it is not surprising that there are still many people who have yet to initiate R22 replacement strategies in their homes and offices.

Why You Need to Replace Your System

The R22 systems are expensive to run, bad for the environment, and parts will shortly become impossible to find. We will design a suitable solution for you to save costs and take advantage of new and advanced technology as it becomes available. Products get better every year, and AC Logic is at the forefront of installing systems that will deliver years of trouble-free service to you.

AC Logic’s R22 Replacement Strategies

We have some very effective strategies in place to help you speed up the process of replacing your R22 air conditioning system, and we are happy to make recommendations for your particular circumstances. We are able to re-use some of your existing pipe work so that the overall cost of replacement will be decreased. Our technology will replace any current systems without the typical hassles and problems you may find with our competitors. Our team of expert technicians are speedy, professional, and friendly. We offer a customized replacement service tailored around your request, time availability, and budget.
It is important that you replace your R22 system now to save you from potential impending prosecution or fines in case the UK government chooses to use forceful measures to implement its call for R22 replacement all across the country.