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COVID-19 guidance document

Summary of practical measures for building services operation

  • 1. Secure ventilation of spaces with outdoor air
  • 2. Switch ventilation to nominal speed at least 2 hours before the building usage time and switch to lower speed 2 hours after the building usage time
  • 3. At nights and weekends, do not switch ventilation off, but keep systems running at lower speed
  • 4. Ensure regular airing with windows (even in mechanically ventilated buildings)
  • 5. Keep toilet ventilation 24/7 in operation
  • 6. Avoid open windows in toilets to assure the right direction of ventilation
  • 7. Instruct building occupants to flush toilets with closed lid
  • 8. Switch air handling units with recirculation to 100% outdoor air
  • 9. Inspect heat recovery equipment to be sure that leakages are under control
  • 10. Switch AC fan coils either off or operate so that fans are continuously on
  • 11. Do not change heating, cooling and possible humidification set points
  • 12. Do not plan duct cleaning for this period
  • 13. Clean/replace filters (increase visits)
  • 14. Spray coils/filters with disinfectant/biocide on each visit
  • 15. Regular filter replacement and maintenance works shall be performed with common protective measures including respiratory protection

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