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Air conditioning installations

We at AC Logic can offer a wide range of air conditioning installations, we have experience in the air conditioning installations of just one individual split system to 200 indoor unit on a Mitsubishi VRF or Daikin VRV. All our air conditioning installations are carried out by our expert engineers who in the past year have installed approximately 400 systems!

All our air conditioning installations are guaranteed and are installed to the highest standard possible, and always within the agreed program. AC Logic are without doubt one of the leading air conditioning installations companies out there, you certainly will not be disappointed.

Air Conditioning Installation Budget?

If you’re under a tight budget or just want to cool or heat a few rooms, a one to one split type is your best system is best option. Our air conditioning units use Inverter technology; this reduces the power consumption by up to 50% compared to non inverter units and ensures maximum comfort, operating silence and reliability.

In recent years, design styles for intelligent buildings such as hotels, banks and offices etc, have Increasingly featured large areas of glazing with high solar heat gains that can only be dissipated by means of air conditioning. Not surprisingly therefore, air conditioning has grown in importance and is now widely accepted as an integral component of most modern architectural concepts.

VRV/Multi air conditioning system

The increasing use of electronic office equipment raises thermal loadings still further to a point whereby, even in winter, internal temperatures can reach uncomfortable levels. The demand for cooling and heating can also vary considerably through-out the day depending on the number of personnel on the premises. But customers have come to expect far more than just cooling and heating from their air conditioning

R22 Replacement?

R22 Refrigerant replacement service now available.

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