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Air quality testing & Monitoring

Our electronic data loggers can be used to monitor and log temperature, humidity and CO2 in office environments to help organisations assess whether the company is adhering to its own and external health and safety regulations, and that its employees are working in optimal conditions.

Server and computer rooms – No one knows when disaster will strike. We just know the possibility is always there, so preparation is crucial to minimizing the effect of overheating computer rooms and server rooms and their impact on computers, networks, users & business. AC LOGIC can supply and install the latest temperature alarms either a basic alarm panel to a GSM remote data logger which will text you warnings of air conditioning plant failure and temperature alarms and history.

Temperature and humidity data can be recorded and analysed in a spreadsheet format or graphs to provide useful analysis of the effects of temperature/humidity levels on, for example:

  • Productivity
  • Efficiency
  • Sickness levels

Most heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems re-circulate a significant portion of the indoor air to maintain comfort and reduce energy costs associated with heating or cooling outside air. Carbon dioxide is a natural component of air. The amount of CO2 in a given air sample is commonly expressed as parts per million (ppm). The outdoor air in most locations contains down to about 380 ppm carbon dioxide. Higher outdoor CO2 concentrations can be found near vehicle traffic areas, and industry .

People exhale carbon dioxide—the average adult’s breath contains about 35,000 to 50,000 ppm of CO2 (100 times higher than outdoor air). Without adequate ventilation to dilute and remove the CO2 being continuously generated by the occupants, CO2 can accumulate.

A recent report found that levels of CO2 within an office typically range from 600-800ppm (parts per million). However, results found that higher concentrations can cause headaches, eye problems, respiratory conditions and general fatigue.
Where levels reach over 1,500ppm, almost four in five respondents said they felt tired, while at levels of over 2,000ppm two thirds of participants said they had lost the ability to concentrate entirely.

With modern office buildings comprising of sealed windows, draught exclusion and lack of natural ventilation we are relying heavily on the buildings air conditioning plant to be designed and maintained correctly.

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