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Thermal Imaging For Predictive Maintenance

At AC LOGIC we can provide qualified Thermographers with the latest high resolution thermal imaging cameras to predict failures or future problems to mechanical and electrical systems, by doing so, we can prevent costly repairs and potential downtime. It can also manage energy through heat loss analysis. The process of thermography measures this heat and presents a picture of the heat being emitted. By measuring an object’s heat, we can detect anomalies and take possible corrective actions.

Thermal imaging cameras detect radiation in the infrared range of the electromagnetic spectrum (roughly 9000–14,000 nanometres or 9–14 µm) and produce images of that radiation, called Thermograms.

Thermal imaging is an invaluable predictive and diagnostic tool in industries such as power distribution, plant maintenance, petro-chemical plants and process applications, to name a few. Real time heat analysis of moving parts (Motors, bearings, sheaves, belts), electrical circuit quality (starters, contactors, disconnectors, fuses, buss bars and electrical connections), duct heat loss, conditioned envelope heat loss or gain, tracing membrane roof leaks, compressor operating conditions (head, sump, suction, discharge temperatures and off loading or hot gas bypass operation), analysis of, radiators and convectors, radiant loops, under floor heating or any process that can reveal the integrity of the process by comparative temperatures.

Our thermal imaging surveys can detect problems with the following;

  • Leaks on under floor heating systems and pipework
  • Thermal Bridges (Missing insulation in buildings)
  • Air leaks within a HVAC system
  • Electrical hot spots, unbalance and overloaded circiuts
  • Structural defects
  • Cracks in concrete walls and floors
  • Moisture intrusion
  • Poorly functioning solar panels
  • Areas of heat loss and heat gain
  • Roof damage
  • HVAC/Mechanical defects

Our Reporting software is a powerful software for creating compelling and professional reports with powerful Triple Fusion and Picture-in-Picture with Powerful temperature analysis.

Predictive trending functionality

A powerful tool to help you track thermal information relating to your equipment. Armed with this information you can better determine when maintenance procedures need to be performed.

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