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We pride our ourselves in offering a professional friendly service. We offer a complete tailor made service to suit your needs and budget and insure your equipment operates at optimum performance and efficiency. From one visit per annum to weekly visits we will have a program that suits your needs.

Maintenance is essential to ensure efficient, trouble-free running of any air conditioning system.

Air conditioning equipment can account for a large part of a building’s energy costs. Sometimes, air conditioning can even double a building’s energy consumption and associated carbon emissions.

Well-maintained air conditioning systems use energy more efficiently – which saves money on energy costs and reduces carbon emissions.

Checking that HVAC systems are working as intended will help to prevent them from using energy ineffectively and also lower the risk of breakdown and spiralling costs. In this way, regular maintenance of equipment and controls makes good business sense.

There is no point in having an efficiently running system if the conditioned air gets stopped by a solid wall before reaching the work space. Blockages in HVAC systems are common and increase running costs so make sure that the filters are regularly checked.

How many visits? Check the list and this will give you a rough guide on how many visits you may need.

  • 1 visit per annum;
    Only operated briefly in the summer or winter.
  • 2 Visits per annum;
    Operated randomly in the summer and winter in a clean environment
  • 3 visits per annum;
    Operated in the all seasons in normal working hours in a clean environment
  • 4 visits per annum;
    Operated in the all seasons in normal working hours in a slightly dirty environment
    Operated in a clean environment for 24hrs a day (comms rooms)

If you have a busy office and feel that we will be in the way we also offer a out of hours maintenance facility, our engineers will arrive when the building is less busy, this would normally be at the weekend or week day evenings.


Our air conditioning call out facility in surrey will provide you with a fast and efficient service at and we will always try to rectify the fault there and then, but if the systems needs a new part you can have peace of mind that we will return and carry out any repairs as soon as practically possible we have accounts with all the major suppliers and can usually pick up or get delivered spare parts the next day.


All our quotations will incorporate the latest FGAS regulations, depending on the size of your systems we will carry out annual leak testing and keep a log on site for your records.

Equipment containing 3 kg or more of F gas refrigerant must be checked for leakage by certified personnel on a regular basis. This threshold rises to 6 kg for hermetically sealed systems that are labelled.
“Checked for leakage” means that the equipment or system is examined for leakage using direct or indirect measuring methods, focusing on those parts of the equipment or system most likely to leak. The frequency of testing depends on the refrigerant charge and system type. to ensure that the repair has been effective.

The table below summarises the leakage checking frequencies. Individual plants must be rechecked within one month after a leak has been repaired.

Frequency Normal systems Hermetically sealed systems
None 31/07/2012 Less than 3 kg
Annual 3 kg to 30 kg 6 kg to 30 kg
6-monthly* 30 kg to 300 kg 30 kg to 300 kg
Quarterly* Greater than 300 kg Greater than 300 kg

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