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An R22 Replacement Is Available Through Our Company

Not only do we at AC Logic offer professional and friendly air conditioning and maintenance services, we are also doing our part in helping consumers and the government phase out air conditioners that feature the refrigerant R22. Therefore, an R22 replacement can be made through our company, which is good news as we specialise In replacing and installing all brands of HVAC e Continue Reading
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Importance of Air Conditioning Energy Assessments

According to statistics, air conditioning systems were estimated to account for more than 11 percent of the total electricity consumed annually in Europe. It’s therefore easy to understand why HVAC systems are a key contributor toward energy savings in buildings. Air Conditioning Energy Assessments in Surrey By being responsible for your company’s air Continue Reading
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Air conditioners: Myriad Functions

A majority of homes and offices in warmer climates are equipped with air conditioners, where it is treated as a necessity rather than a luxury. An air conditioner, in a very basic sense works to move heat from inside your home or office to the outside, cooling you and your premise in the process. They are designed to blow cool air into your home or office by taking the heat out Continue Reading
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