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Importance of Air Conditioning Energy Assessments

According to statistics, air conditioning systems were estimated to account for more than 11 percent of the total electricity consumed annually in Europe. It’s therefore easy to understand why HVAC systems are a key contributor toward energy savings in buildings.

Air Conditioning Energy Assessments in Surrey

By being responsible for your company’s air conditioning system, you’ll no doubt totally appreciate how important it is that this system is regularly maintained to maximise efficiency and reduce energy bills. It is also equally vital that you obtain an air conditioning energy assessment for your system in order to ensure that you’re in compliance with both U.K. and EU legislations and can avoid paying hefty penalties for noncompliance.

Assessment of the Energy Performance of an Air Conditioning Surrey System

Air conditioning energy assessments are carried out in order to monitor the efficiency of HVAC systems and to provide property managers with realistic and proactive advice on how to boost their effectiveness and minimise energy consumption. During the assessment, the inspector will assess a system’s effectiveness, ventilation efficiency and controls.

The effectiveness of air delivery can play a big part in determining the overall efficiency of an air conditioning system. To ensure that the filters and heat exchangers have no blockage or damage, which could make a system operate for longer periods than necessary, the inspector will examine the condition of these air delivery systems and also check the fan type and method of control that’s used in the system.

The assessor will also check grills, screens or pre-filters for damage or blockage, which could cause the system to under-perform in different ways due to reduced airflow rates. Incorrect control settings and poorly located sensors in the building could also lead to inefficiencies, ineffectiveness or misuse of the AC system in use on the property. To ensure that the system is being controlled properly, the assessor will check the control settings, including time switches and thermostats. After the assessment, the inspector will advise the property management on these issues and the overall energy performance of the building.

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