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We Provide Air Conditioning Maintenance That Is Tailored to Your Cooling Needs

We feel, at AC Logic, that no other company can surpass our business with respect air conditioning maintenance checks and servicing. That is because we offer a totally customised approach in making sure that your AC is operating at optimum efficiency. For example, we can schedule from one visit per annum up to weekly maintenance visits to ensure that your equipment—whether older or newer, is utilising energy with cost-efficiency in mind.

Keep Your AC from Breaking Down and Energy Costs Low

Because HVAC systems account for the majority of a building’s costs for energy, checking the HVAC and performing a regular air conditioning maintenance check is essential in this day and age. Air conditioners that do not run well risk breakdown more often simply because they are not regularly serviced and maintained.

Get into the Habit of Keeping Your AC in Running Order

That is why the filter needs to be routinely replaced. The accumulation of dust and debris makes an AC unit much more difficult to operate. Both dust and dirt cause an HVAC system to run harder. When the system runs harder, it is your clue that you need to secure the services of an air conditioning maintenance company like ours to service and check your AC for any needed repairs.

When to Schedule Maintenance

Procrastination will only delay the inevitable – a major breakdown of your AC, which is one repair that can cost you if regular maintenance is not scheduled. If you only operate your AC briefly in the summer or winter months, then you only need to schedule service once a year. For ACs that operate randomly in a clean environment, or during summer and winter, schedule maintenance twice year. Three yearly visits are necessary if the AC is run in a clean environment throughout the year.