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Top Four Questions about a R22 Replacement

Since the January 1st, 2015, ban on aged R22 air conditioning equipment, we at AC Logic have received numerous phone calls about an R22 replacement. We have answered some of the top questions that we have received about replacing R22 units below, starting with if it is even necessary in the first place:

1. Are All R22 Units “Banned” in The UK?

Yes. Prior to the ban at the start of 2015, units could be topped up with R22. As of now, all air conditioning units cannot be topped up with R22. This includes recycled, reclaimed or virgin units.

Undergoing an R22 replacement may be beneficial for reasons other than lawfully following the EU-wide ban. As these systems typically pre-date 2004, they are using old technology. The air conditioning and heating units of today are far more sophisticated and energy efficient, saving our customers on their utility bills.

2. Why Is R22 Banned?

Being an ozone-depleting refrigerant gas, R22 is a hazard to our environment.

3. How May R22 Units Are in the UK?

It’s been estimated that there were approximately half a million air conditioning units operating on R22 refrigerant within the UK prior to the ban.

4. What Are My R22 Replacement Options?

Our customers at AC Logic typically have two options:
a) They can choose to completely replace their AC unit; or
b) They can choose to use an alternative and more environmentally friendly refrigerant to top them up.

Which option you choose will come down to what shape your current equipment is in. If it is ageing, leaking, and wasting pounds in utility costs, replacing makes the most sense. Another factor that we and our customers must take into consideration is the availability of modern refrigerants and how efficient they are with your existing unit.