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Address Your Short- and Long-Term Air Conditioning Needs

Are you currently looking for Air Conditioning maintenance or services related to other major air conditioner brands? Be careful in making your choice because most service providers offer poorly managed services at extremely high prices. And with winter setting in and Christmas around the corner, it is more necessary than ever to get your air conditioning system checked. Otherwise, major issues such as carbon monoxide poisoning may arise, as well. We, at AC Logic, are a company that has won the trust of several customers in Surrey, Berkshire and Hampshire with our fantastic service. We provide an array of services including Air Conditioning maintenance and R22 replacement.

Replacements for All Major Brands

The ban on all recycled and reclaimed R22 will take effect on 31st December, 2014. This means that any companies still using air conditioning systems that operate on R22 after this date will be heavily penalized. Our company provides R22 replacement services for all leading air conditioning brands. Remember that the prices for replacement will suddenly rise manyfold at the start of 2015. So make sure you contact us right now!

Think Beyond Short-Term Needs

AC Logic is well regarded for our consistency in providing good services. Our main objective is to cut costs for customers in the long run by offering efficient service solutions. We offer customers an array of flexible service packages to choose from, depending on their requirements. This ensures that customers face minimal issues in the long-run and save more on energy and maintenance services.

Your Convenience First

You can schedule maintenance visits as per your convenience to avoid any disruption in work. We even provide services on weekends when the employee traffic in offices is usually low. So if you’re looking for the perfect balance between technical expertise, reasonable costs and convenience, you know where to look!