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The Importance of Regular Maintenance for Your Air Conditioner

There are very few things that are as nice as being able to come out of the sweltering heat to a comfortable and cool home. However, your air conditioner is not something you likely think of very often – until it decides to stop working when it is 90 degrees outside.

While you may not realize it, your air conditioner will lose about five percent of its total efficiency each year that it is in operation. As time passes, the components can become weaker and break down, and if you do not invest in regular air conditioning maintenance, you will likely have to pay much more for repairs or even face total replacement.

When you provide your unit with a bit of TLC several times a year from AC Logic, it can help you save both time and money and avoid serious issues.

Save on Electric Costs

During the hottest part of the summer, there is no doubt that electric bills can increase by a significant amount. However, if you do not maintain your AC properly, it can eat up even more power and money. If you had invested in maintenance or R22 replacement, you will be able to save a significant amount of money each year.

Save on AC Repairs

The bottom line is that it will cost you much more to repair something than it does for regular air conditioning maintenance. At some point or another, the neglect will catch up with you and it is when the temperatures have reached the high numbers that the unit is most likely to break down. With regular maintenance of the unit, you can reduce the chances that it will break down without warning.

Any quality HVAC service, such as AC Logic, will ensure that the unit is checked thoroughly. Qualified professionals will check for signs of leaks, whether or not you need R22 replacement and replace filters when necessary. While these things may seem unimportant, the fact is that a dirty filter or a pinpoint size leak can cause serious damage.

When you are aware of the importance of AC maintenance, you will likely take the time to ensure that these checkups are carried out. Maintaining your unit will extend its life and ensure that it runs more efficiently, helping you to save money on your electric bill month after month – even when the temperatures reach record highs. This will give you peace of mind that you always have a cool and comfortable retreat to come home to.