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Signs You Need to Call for Air Conditioning Service

Your air conditioning is likely one of the most relied upon pieces of equipment in your entire home. As the temperature goes up outdoors, you stay cool by turning down your thermostat. Chances are you simply expect this to work and when it doesn’t, you panic. However, there is no need to stress out; all you have to do is call on AC Logic, an air conditioning Guildford service, for help. Knowing the warning signs of a potential issue will also keep you from burning up while you wait for repairs or for the repair service to show up at your home.

No Cool Air

If you notice that your air conditioning system is not getting your home as cool as it used to, then it is likely time that you call the technicians from an AC repair service. This is not an issue that will be able to fix itself and may be the symptom of a more serious underlying issue. For example, it could mean that you have a faulty compressor or that your thermostat is bad. The professionals will be able to evaluate the problem and come up with a solution in a quick and efficient manner.

Water Leaking from the AC Unit

If you begin to notice that the AC system in your home is leaking, then you need to call for service right away. This is not only a sign that your system is not working properly, but the leaking water may also cause damage inside your home. While your AC unit is going to naturally create some condensation, it should drip into a pan and then drain away. However, if the pan becomes clogged or if there is a clog in the actual drain line, then this can cause an overflow of the condensation. The cause of the leak can be located by AC Logic technicians, repaired and then your unit can return to optimum performance quickly.

Strange Noises Coming from the Air Conditioner

Another common sign that you may be in need of professional air conditioner repair is if you begin to notice a new, strange or unusual noise. For example, if you turn the unit on and it sounds as though it is gurgling, hissing or squealing, then you need to call the repair service as soon as you can.

The bottom line is that you should not wait to get service for your AC system whenever it seems something is wrong. This will only allow the problem to become worse and likely much more expensive to have repaired. It is a good idea to call on the services of a reputable AC company when you need any type of maintenance, service or repairs for your unit.