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Four Signs You May Need Air Conditioning Maintenance

Your air conditioning unit is not only responsible for keeping you cool during those warm, balmy summer months. It can also have a huge effect on your indoor air quality. At AC Logic, we have received numerous calls from clients related to air conditioning maintenance. To help you determine if your AC unit needs servicing, these are the four signs you should look out for:

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Top Four Questions about a R22 Replacement

Since the January 1st, 2015, ban on aged R22 air conditioning equipment, we at AC Logic have received numerous phone calls about an R22 replacement. We have answered some of the top questions that we have received about replacing R22 units below, starting with if it is even necessary in the first place:Continue Reading

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The Importance of Regular Air Conditioning Maintenance

If you don’t want your air conditioner to stop suddenly working one day, it is important that you go for regular maintenance. Maintaining your air conditioner is vital for a longer lifespan. So many people put off maintenance work on their air conditioners. During the winters, the air conditioner remains idle for a few months. Then, as summer approaches, people start using Continue Reading
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Buying an Air Conditioning Unit for Your Home

Buying an air conditioning air conditioning unit can be quite daunting, unless you know what you are doing. There are many things to plan for. For starters, you will need to hire a professional installation guy to install the AC in your home. Then, the conditioner will require regular maintenance in order to keep functioning smoothly. If you have read anything about air cond Continue Reading
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R22 Replacement: A New Era in Air Conditioning Systems

On 31st December, 2014, the R22 air conditioning system was phased out in order to give way for improvements to HVAC systems. However, it is not surprising that there are still many people who have yet to initiate R22 replacement strategies in their homes and offices.

Why You Need to Replace Your System

The R22 systems are expensive to run, bad for th Continue Reading
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Installing Superior Office Air Conditioning

At AC Logic, our knowledgeable experts are well versed in the different aspects of air conditioning. We have served happy customers for more than thirty years; helping them to design, install, and service their office air conditioning.

What System Will Work for Me?

A great number of businesses are installing air conditioning to control the air tempera Continue Reading
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We Provide Air Conditioning Maintenance That Is Tailored to Your Cooling Needs

We feel, at AC Logic, that no other company can surpass our business with respect air conditioning maintenance checks and servicing. That is because we offer a totally customised approach in making sure that your AC is operating at optimum efficiency. For example, we can schedule from one visit per annum up to weekly maintenance visits to ensure that your equipment—whether ol Continue Reading
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Recommended Maintenance for Air Conditioning Units

Air conditioning units are frequently used in homes and businesses to cool or dry the air. Whether you have a simple unit or an HVAC unit that cleans the air, it is important to have regular air conditioning maintenance. At AC Logic Ltd. We recognise the importance of regular maintenance to the clarity of air in your home. Depending on the frequency of use, we will be able to s Continue Reading
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Choosing the Right Air Conditioning Unit for Your Home

There are several factors that you should consider before purchasing an air conditioner for your home or business. Because this purchase is such a large investment, it is one that should be thoroughly evaluated before making a purchase. Once you have decided on the unit that is right for you, contact AC Logic, Ltd. for quic Continue Reading
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Address Your Short- and Long-Term Air Conditioning Needs

Are you currently looking for Air Conditioning maintenance or services related to other major air conditioner brands? Be careful in making your choice because most service providers offer poorly managed services at extremely high prices. And with winter setting in and Christmas around the corner, it is more necessary than ever to get your air conditioning system checked. Otherw Continue Reading
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