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Keep Your Office Productive with the Right Ambience

The effects of global warming have never been more felt as the weather seems to shift from one extreme to another. Cities like Surrey are currently experiencing intense heat, making it harder for people to perform everyday tasks. With this in mind, it’s no wonder many companies are installing computer room air conditioning.

Heat and Productivity

Studies show that the heat only increases the impatience of workers, making them irritated and uncomfortable throughout work. This same research suggests that the optimum office air conditioning Surrey workers need for productivity is between 21 to 23 degrees Celsius. Between these temperatures, 98% of workers are productive and in a good mood, making for excellent office dynamics.

Air Conditioning for Computers

When it comes to office air conditioning Surrey company, workers aren’t the only ones who benefit from controlled temperatures. The office equipment also works better with proper computer room air conditioning. This is because computers already generate heat when operating and exposing them to even higher temperatures can lead to overheating. Like humans, computers are more productive in slightly colder settings.

Air Conditioning and Air Quality Testing Surrey Services

Considering the many benefits of air conditioning, there’s really no question about the importance of a proper cooling system in the office. Fortunately, Surrey is currently home to numerous air conditioning businesses that offer their expertise in providing, installing and even maintaining temperature conditions. Companies like AC Logic have been operating within Surrey and neighboring areas, making sure that all offices function within productive temperatures at all times.

About AC Logic

AC Logic is a long-standing company specializing in air conditioning and air quality testing Surrey based establishments. Their services involve everything related to temperature control starting from available products, installation, regular checkups and even regular maintenance. They also have all the tools needed to check indoor air quality and make sure that the temperature, humidity and even CO2 readings are within the normal range.

When choosing an office air conditioning Surrey servicing company, it’s usually best to opt for one with multiple features on offer. For example, AC Logic is also an accredited provider of Energy Assessment (a requirement in today’s government) and deals with thermal imaging, a high-tech method of predicting and fixing problems even before they become critical and expensive to address.

Of course, office temperature isn’t the only factor that lends to productivity. Other considerations such as office dynamics and even the layout of the room can affect the drive of the employees to work. With proper air conditioning on your side however, you can be sure of achieving some progress and keeping the employees happy at the same time. For more information about air conditioning and office dynamics, try checking out AC Logic’s main webpage and blog.