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Office Air Conditioning

Modern day offices are fitted with a variety of heat generating equipment, consisting primarily of computers, printers, photocopiers scanners etc. Increased insulation standards as well as air tightness of modern offices all combine to create a significant cooling challenge.

A number of studies have been conducted to determine optimal office temperature for ensuring an acceptable level of workforce productivity. Although there is no universally agreed optimal temperature for office, a significant number of research studies have concluded that office temperature ranging between 70 and 73 degrees Fahrenheit (21 to 23 degrees Celsius) is ideally suited to provide the best air temperature for offices.

Air conditioning provides an ideal method of controlling the quality of air in any office, large or small. Air conditioning does not provide cooling in the summer months but can also heat, providing an ideal replacing traditional heating systems.

An office air conditioning system also provides humidity control, temperature control and air cleaning to ensure a healthy and comfortable working environment.

When a person experiences either too much heat or too much cold, body energy is consumed in trying to regulate body temperature. Energy required for other tasks like cognitive functions is used up in regulating body temperature. Employees are unable to function to their fully capacity if the office air conditioning is either too hot or too cold, and are also more prone to developing health related problems like colds, headaches and allergies etc. An ineffective office air conditioning and ventilation system can be a major source for spreading of germs, irritants and chemicals throughout the premises.

Some tips to keep in mind to ensure an effective and efficient air conditioning system for offices include:

  • Ensure properly ventilated spaces for office air conditioning
  • Professional installation and periodic maintenance for both individual units and centralised systems is essential
  • Office room temperature should ideally be kept between 21º and 25º C.
  • Average humidity should be maintained between 60% and 70%.

Air conditioning allows you to create, with the right temperature and humidity, the comfort in which you, your customers or your employees function most affectively. With advances in cooling technology, air conditioners nowadays are designed to work efficiently, with neither drought nor noise, to ensure clean, fresh air. They also work to prevent mould formation as well as air dehumidification.

Air conditioning creates a win-win situation for employer and employees as employees tend to be more active and fit, resulting higher creativity and productivity. As air conditioning becomes increasingly used in offices everywhere, a growing number of people are experiencing the benefits of comfortable working and living.

This diagram explains how office air conditioning works. It regulates temperature to ensure employees are comfortable whilst working quietly. It will remove harmful particles from the air and also other chemicals and pollutants, prevents the spread of germs and bugs and helps to increase employee productivity in an optimal working temperature