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R22 Phase out: we are the R22 replacement specialists

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A successful R22 phase-out strategy is essential to ensure HVAC system improvements and replacement costs are managed in the most cost effective way whilst meeting regulatory requirements. We are the UKs leading family run Air conditioning Company specialising in installation, maintenance and servicing of all types of equipment.

We supply and replace all types and makes of air conditioning equipment;

Mitsubishi Electric – Mitsubishi Heavy – Daikin – Fujitsu – Samsung – Toshiba – Hitachi – LG – York – Trane – Carrier – Airedale

Why Replace your R22 Air Conditioning Equipment?

  • Energy costs are ever rising and old equipment can consume up to 50% more energy than new equipment, costing you more money and creating more carbon emissions
  • Lower running costs by using the latest highly efficient inverter systems
  • Increased system capacity by using original piping
  • Planned downtime minimises operational impact
  • Installation schedule can be phased to suit your requirements
  • Re-use existing pipework – quicker & simpler installation
  • R22 replacement systems available for one to one Splits, and VRV systems
  • Our technology can replace all manufacturers systems

When is R22 refrigerant being phased out?

From 31st December 2014, there will be a total ban on all recycled and reclaimed R22 thereby making it impossible to service and maintain air conditioning systems that operate on R22.

R22 refrigerant is a hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC), which was commonly used in air conditioning, process chiller and industrial refrigeration plant applications.

Companies will be breaking the law and will face shut down and fines if R22 regulations are not adhered to. Therefore, replacing R22 air conditioning systems with modern alternatives is essential.

There are about half a million systems still operating on R22 refrigerant in the UK, there are many businesses that either haven't got around to taking the issue seriously or remain unaware of the problems they will face on the next major service. Most manufacturers are to top selling parts for R22 shortly. Some manufacturers have stopped selling spare parts for R22 systems already.


As 1 January 2015 approaches, disputes concerning the replacement costs of R22 gas are likely to increase. It is therefore vital to determine early who has responsibility for the regulations (tenants, landlords, owners) and put in place a suitable plan, which includes both when the phase out should occur and who will pay for it.

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R22 Replacement?

R22 Refrigerant replacement service now available.

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