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Enjoy Quality Heating and Air Conditioning Services with AC LOGIC

As a property or business owner, it’s absolutely important to ensure that your building has a well-functioning and efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system. The HVAC system plays a big role in determining your indoor air quality and thermal comfort.

AC LOGIC offers a full range of HVAC services, including supply, installation, preventative maintenance and repair, to ensure that you not only achieve a comfortable workplace, but also a healthy and clean indoor environment. The company’s air conditioning service areas include: Hampshire, Berkshire, Kingston, Surrey, Woking and Guilford.

AC LOGIC’s air conditioning technicians are highly trained and experienced and can install, repair and service all makes of air conditioners, including: Samsung, LG, Carrier, Trane, York, Mitsubishi Heavy, Sanyo, Fujitsu, Mitsubishi Electric and Daikin. To ensure that you have a well-functioning and efficient air conditioner, the company’s staff can undertake:

  • Design and installation of air conditioners

  • Full maintenance services

  • Air conditioning repairs

  • Advice on energy efficiency

  • Air conditioning assessments

  • Help with R22 phase out

  • F Gas regulations

  • Air conditioning consultation

Air Conditioning Service in Kingston

As one of the leading HVAC companies across the southeast England, AC LOGIC provides quality and affordable air conditioning service programs to retail, industrial, domestic and commercial premises in Kingston and surrounding areas. These air conditioning service Kingston programs can be customized to suit your individual needs, and are specifically tailored to ensure the least possible disruption to business. Because the company’s air conditioning service Kingston engineers live in the area, you will get a quick response to your HVAC problem. The engineers will arrive on time and get the job done quickly so that you can get on with your life.

Air Conditioning Service in Berkshire

AC LOGIC provides quality air conditioning service packages throughout Berkshire and surrounding areas. These air conditioning service Berkshire packages are reasonably priced with excellent customer service, and you can rest assured that you’re going to get a good deal and the best possible service when you hire the company. So if you are based in Berkshire and have air conditioning problems, then contact AC LOGIC’s air conditioning service Berkshire for a free quote.

Air Conditioning Service in Hampshire

AC LOGIC’s air conditioning services are also available in Hampshire. The company’s air conditioning service Hampshire technicians live around the area, so you can always expect to receive a quick response every time. Whether you have an urgent air conditioning problem or are planning to replace your current HVAC system with a more efficient model, AC LOGIC’s expert air conditioning service Hampshire engineers are only a phone call away.

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Keep Your Office Productive with the Right Ambience

The effects of global warming have never been more felt as the weather seems to shift from one extreme to another. Cities like Surrey are currently experiencing intense heat, making it harder for people to perform everyday tasks. With this in mind, it’s no wonder many companies are installing computer room air conditioning.

Heat and Productivity

Studies show that the heat only increases the impatience of workers, making them irritated and uncomfortable throughout work. This same research suggests that the optimum office air conditioning Surrey workers need for productivity is between 21 to 23 degrees Celsius. Between these temperatures, 98% of workers are productive and in a good mood, making for excellent office dynamics.

Air Conditioning for Computers

When it comes to office air conditioning Surrey company, workers aren’t the only ones who benefit from controlled temperatures. The office equipment also works better with proper computer room air conditioning. This is because computers already generate heat when operating and exposing them to even higher temperatures can lead to overheating. Like humans, computers are more productive in slightly colder settings.

Air Conditioning and Air Quality Testing Surrey Services

Considering the many benefits of air conditioning, there’s really no question about the importance of a proper cooling system in the office. Fortunately, Surrey is currently home to numerous air conditioning businesses that offer their expertise in providing, installing and even maintaining temperature conditions. Companies like AC Logic have been operating within Surrey and neighboring areas, making sure that all offices function within productive temperatures at all times.

About AC Logic

AC Logic is a long-standing company specializing in air conditioning and air quality testing Surrey based establishments. Their services involve everything related to temperature control starting from available products, installation, regular checkups and even regular maintenance. They also have all the tools needed to check indoor air quality and make sure that the temperature, humidity and even CO2 readings are within the normal range.

When choosing an office air conditioning Surrey servicing company, it’s usually best to opt for one with multiple features on offer. For example, AC Logic is also an accredited provider of Energy Assessment (a requirement in today’s government) and deals with thermal imaging, a high-tech method of predicting and fixing problems even before they become critical and expensive to address.

Of course, office temperature isn’t the only factor that lends to productivity. Other considerations such as office dynamics and even the layout of the room can affect the drive of the employees to work. With proper air conditioning on your side however, you can be sure of achieving some progress and keeping the employees happy at the same time. For more information about air conditioning and office dynamics, try checking out AC Logic’s main webpage and blog.

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Top Tips for Choosing the Finest Air Conditioning Services in Kingston

Air conditioning systems are vital for comfortable living in most abodes. This means that you have to choose the air conditioning Kingston can get. However, most people do not know that the contractor they choose for the job is as good as the equipment that gets installed in their homes. Everyone must therefore endeavour to find an expert who will offer the finest services ever.

For those who know reputable contractors who install heating and cooling systems, those are the best experts to use. On the other hand, if you do not have an idea of where to start, friends and relatives living within your area could give you credible recommendations.

Need an air con Surrey Contractor? Before choosing to work with any contractor, you have to be sure that they can offer the best air quality testing Surrey services. The contractor should also be rightly qualified with adequate experience.

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Office Air Conditioning

Modern day offices are fitted with a variety of heat generating equipment, consisting primarily of computers, printers, photocopiers scanners etc. Increased insulation standards as well as air tightness of modern offices all combine to create a significant cooling challenge.

A number of studies have been conducted to determine optimal office temperature for ensuring an acceptable level of workforce productivity. Although there is no universally agreed optimal temperature for office, a significant number of research studies have concluded that office temperature ranging between 70 and 73 degrees Fahrenheit (21 to 23 degrees Celsius) is ideally suited to provide the best air temperature for offices.

Air conditioning provides an ideal method of controlling the quality of air in any office, large or small. Air conditioning does not provide cooling in the summer months but can also heat, providing an ideal replacing traditional heating systems.

An office air conditioning system also provides humidity control, temperature control and air cleaning to ensure a healthy and comfortable working environment.

When a person experiences either too much heat or too much cold, body energy is consumed in trying to regulate body temperature. Energy required for other tasks like cognitive functions is used up in regulating body temperature. Employees are unable to function to their fully capacity if the office air conditioning is either too hot or too cold, and are also more prone to developing health related problems like colds, headaches and allergies etc. An ineffective office air conditioning and ventilation system can be a major source for spreading of germs, irritants and chemicals throughout the premises.

Some tips to keep in mind to ensure an effective and efficient air conditioning system for offices include:

  • Ensure properly ventilated spaces for office air conditioning
  • Professional installation and periodic maintenance for both individual units and centralised systems is essential
  • Office room temperature should ideally be kept between 21º and 25º C.
  • Average humidity should be maintained between 60% and 70%.

Air conditioning allows you to create, with the right temperature and humidity, the comfort in which you, your customers or your employees function most affectively. With advances in cooling technology, air conditioners nowadays are designed to work efficiently, with neither drought nor noise, to ensure clean, fresh air. They also work to prevent mould formation as well as air dehumidification.

Air conditioning creates a win-win situation for employer and employees as employees tend to be more active and fit, resulting higher creativity and productivity. As air conditioning becomes increasingly used in offices everywhere, a growing number of people are experiencing the benefits of comfortable working and living.

This diagram explains how office air conditioning works. It regulates temperature to ensure employees are comfortable whilst working quietly. It will remove harmful particles from the air and also other chemicals and pollutants, prevents the spread of germs and bugs and helps to increase employee productivity in an optimal working temperature

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Computer room air conditioning

Computer or Server rooms are at the core of IT operations. Proper installation and maintenance of computer rooms is therefore necessary to avoid any breakdowns in IT infrastructure.

One of the most critical aspects in this regard is controlling the temperature of computer or server room within the ranges recommended. As per Industrial Market Trends, mainframes and server racks are known to get as heated up as a seven-foot tower of powered toaster ovens, making temperature control an important component of a server room’s infrastructure. Adequate ventilation and cooling provisions also need to be there in the server room for heat dissipation.

As the server room is generally a closed space, heat generated from machines very often increases the ambient temperature beyond levels specified for machines. Reliability of functioning and machine life is affected and can lead to severe consequences like:

  • Poor system performance
  • System crashes
  • Random reboots

The primary functionality of a computer room air conditioning unit is to regulate and monitor the temperature, humidity and air distribution 24 hours a day due to constant heat generation in the server network room. Central air conditioning systems are not the best solution as they are prone to breakdowns and are also generally shut-off during weekends to save power consumption. As most server rooms are generally located in the office interiors for security purposes, window air conditioners are also not a good option.

Designing an efficient air conditioning system for the modern computer room has become critical for ensuring smooth IT operations. Key considerations to be kept in mind include:

Computer rack cooling through good air flow distribution

  • Downflow air conditioning with a raised floor for the air flow works well. Proper planning of floor grille / damper placement and use of hot and cold aisle regime helps to provide the required cool air circulation to the machine racks.

Condenser setting

  • Heat rejection device must be placed appropriately to prevent areas of overheat during hot weather in the computer room. It becomes particularly important now that heat loads in rooms are rising

Load implications

  • Every 100KW of kit requires a further 30 KW of energy to cool it, making it important to have adequate power supply to be available to take care of cooling requirement

Computer room air conditioning systems are available in a variety of options to suit different requirements. Some of the key ones include:

  • Portable air conditioners do not require permanent installation and work well to ensure server rooms are maintained at the right temperatures for cooling heat-generating electronics.
  • Direct Expansion Air Conditioning offer the flexibility to increase air conditioning units when the cooling load increases in the computer rooms. They are also relatively cheaper to install and are therefore suitable for small – medium computer rooms
  • Chilled Water Air Conditioning require elaborate installation with pipework, pump room and associated equipment. They are ideal for larger data centres and computer rooms due to their higher efficiency.

A 2 tier system with a single path cooling system is the bare essential requirement for most computer rooms to ensure that shutting down any one part of the office or plant will have no adverse impact on the computer or server room temperature.

A more advanced 3 or 4 tier cooling system with multiple cooling paths will have any one path active at any time, to ensure uninterrupted operation of the computer room even if the other half of the system is shut down for maintenance.

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Air conditioners: Myriad Functions

A majority of homes and offices in warmer climates are equipped with air conditioners, where it is treated as a necessity rather than a luxury. An air conditioner, in a very basic sense works to move heat from inside your home or office to the outside, cooling you and your premise in the process. They are designed to blow cool air into your home or office by taking the heat out of that air.

Air conditioners are based on a simple law of physics; during the process of phase conversion when liquid converts to gas, it absorbs heat. Air is cooled by air conditioners by blowing air, over evaporator coils, which are essentially a set of cold pipes. The principle of cooling is the same as during evaporation of water from the skin. A special liquid called refrigerant is filled into the evaporator coils. This refrigerant changes from liquid to gaseous state as it absorbs the heat from the air, which is then pumped out of the house to another coil. There the refrigerant converts back to liquid state after giving up its heat. The outside coil is referred to as condenser since it is used to condense the refrigerant from gaseous state back to a liquid. Another component of an air conditioner is the compressor, which is basically a pump which works to ensure that the refrigerant moves between the two coils. It also works to change the refrigerant pressure to ensure that refrigerant evaporation and condensation happens in the appropriate coils.

Air conditioners have a variety of applications in a home of office setting apart from the obvious one of cooling a room. Key functions performed by an air conditioner include

Diagram to explain how air conditioning systems maintain humidity at appropriate levels, remove excess humidity, ensure constant and adequate ventilation, efficiently remove microorganisms and other foreign bodies from the air and also heat rooms in winter temperatures and climates.

In the days before air conditioning existed, people used ice – Big blocks of ice was used for cooling. With the advent of air conditioners, capacity started to get rated based on an equivalent amount of ice melted in a day. The term “ton” as a measure of air conditioning capacity has its origin in this early methods of measuring air conditioner capacity. In modern times, a ton of cooling is referred to an air conditioner with capacity to deliver 12,000 hour of cooling. A window air conditioner usually has a capacity of less than one ton, whereas a relatively small residential central air conditioner will have a capacity of approx. two tons and a large central air conditioner approximately five tons.

Air conditioners are complex mechanical systems dependant on a variety of conditions for efficient or optimal operations. Each of its components, whether it is the refrigerant or the coils or the compressor are designed to function to cater to a particular house of office load. When any of the components of an air conditioning unit are not working properly, the system will show signs of problems, like not producing as much cold air as is the standard output. Professional help is required in such cases for proper and thorough servicing of the air conditioning unit. Routine maintenance activities like filter changing can be undertaken on your own, but more complex cleaning typically requires a professional. It is a good idea to have a thorough servicing done on a periodic basis to ensure that your air conditioner delivers the maximum output while consuming the least amount of energy.

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Air Quality- An important determinant of health

Air quality refers to the quality of air within buildings and structures, which has an impact on the health and comfort of occupants. It is in a state of constant flux as it involves dynamic interaction of complex factors affecting the types and levels of pollutants in indoor spaces

The quality of indoor air is gaining increasing importance as a major health concern. Key reasons for this include:

This diagram explains how we spend more time in doors and around man-made buildings and materials and furnishings and household cleaning and personal care items

Exposure to pollutants is potentially higher as more time is spent indoors leading to decreased exposure to fresh air.
An indoor air pollutant refers to any matter in the air with the potential to adversely impact the health of office inmates. The source of pollutants could be from outside or inside the office. Sources of pollutants outside the office include a car engine running idle or radon present in the building. Indoor source of air pollution include:

This diagram explains the different types of indoor sources of air pollution such as office equipment cleaning and deodorising products, mould growth and down, poorly maintained HVAC systems, chemical leakage from water coolers and contamination from nearby renovation or construction areas

Indoor air contaminated with pollutants significantly increases the risk of illness, asthma, allergies, infections as well as a host of other health problems involving the throat, nose and lungs are the result of breathing in contaminated air on a regular basis. Allergic reactions and asthmatic symptoms are very often caused by pollen and mold if present in indoor air. Exposure to sufficiently high carbon monoxide levels in indoor air can lead to headaches, nausea, brain damage, and in some cases even death. Viruses and bacteria thrive in poorly ventilated offices, and can cause respiratory problems for occupants. While Radon exposure increases lung cancer risk

The possible impact of these pollutants on health is generally dependant on:

  • Quantum of pollutant exposed to or inhaled
  • Duration of exposure
  • Family history
  • General health and age of the person

Regulating the quality of indoor air basically involves an integration of three components.

  • Control pollutant sources by removing them completely or isolating them from people through physical barriers, or by controlling the timing of their use.
  • Dilute and remove pollutants from through ventilation.
  • Use filtration to remove pollutants from the air

It is important to pay attention to proper installation and maintenance of the building’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system to ensure good indoor air quality.

HVAC systems cover all equipment used:

  • To ventilate, heat, and cool the building
  • For ductwork
  • To filter and clean the air

Poorly maintained HVAC systems can also act as a source of pollutants. Proper and regular air quality monitoring as well as maintenance and servicing of HVAC systems is a key to ensuring a regular supply of clean and healthy air within your office premises.

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Air conditioning Services We Offer

Do you need a service contract for your air conditioning?
Do you have a requirement for the following?

• Computer room Air conditioning
• CRAC (computer room air conditioning) servicing
• Data centre cooling
• Office comfort cooling
• VRV and VRF air conditioning
• Single split type air conditioning

We serve Surrey, Berkshire and London, including; Guildford, Woking, Kingston, Reading and Slough. We are confident of beating any competitor’s quotations and pride ourselves with offering the best possible workmanship with excellent service. Time and time again we have great feedback from our clients. If you have 300 units or just a single system we will offer you the same professional and personal service!

Computer room air conditioning – CRAC servicing – Data centre cooling
We offer the best in computer room AC support;

• Proper maintenance regimes
• Fast and efficient call out facility
• Energy efficiency advice
• Hot spot elimination
• Hot isle cold isle containment
• Temperature monitoring

Office Comfort cooling, VRV, VRF and Single split type
Need a new contract for air conditioning maintenance for your offices?
We are experts in VRV, VRF and Split type air conditioning, and are trained on all manufacturers’ equipment including;

• Mitsubishi Electric
• Mitsubishi Heavy
• Daikin
• Fujitsu
• Sanyo
• Samsung

Air conditioning Maintenance – Air conditioning Design – Air conditioning call out – Advice on R22 Phase out

Contact us now for a fast friendly service

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Air Con Services & Installations

If you have a requirement for air conditioning in Surrey, Berkshire or Hampshire your search has come to an end.  At AC Logic Ltd we pride ourselves in providing the best possible service at a sensible price.

My name is Ken Childs, I have been in this industry for over 30 years, I am the director of AC Logic and I’m passionate in offering a great service and in this difficult time at a cost that wont blow your budget.

Our prestigious clients regularly recommend us, we always look long term and are proud to keep our loyal clients happy from year to year.  Our client base includes;

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We are confident that we can beat any quotes from our competitors on planned maintenance, service call outs and complete design and installations, contact us in August and I will beat any sensible quote you may have. Our workmanship will always stay at the same amazing standards even while our price is very competitive.

Are you fed up with the same old excuses, bad maintenance? slow service? incorrect invoicing? noisy & untidy engineers? then you must speak to us, we will offer you free quotations and advice.

Don’t delay and contact us today, we will beat any air conditioning company in Surrey, Berkshire or Hampshire on service and price.

We offer  TM44 air conditioning energy assessments and provide refrigerant leak testing relating to the latest Fgas regulations.

Contact Ken on: 0844 8248 606



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